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A cursory rhyme

There was an old woman
Who banked with the Euro.
She had so little money
She didn’t know how to
Pay her bills
And feed her children.

She was up to her neck
In millions of debt.
She was strapped for cash and
Her economy?

Corruption was rife
There was trouble and strife –
Protests and Riots and strikes.
So she turned to her pals
And asked for a loan –
I’ve no money, she pleaded,
I’m going to go bust.

Cut back, they all cried,
You can live on a crust,
Make savings
and sell all you have.

If we lend you some more
We too will be poor
Our banks will go bust
We shall have to eat dust
And the Euro will end on the floor –
Be no more.

by Michael Hawes

So get off your knees
Make more Feta cheese
It’s the Euro that matters
Not you.