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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the web site we have a series of FAQs to help people further their understanding about the application and benefits of Land Value Tax. If you have any questions at all why not contact us at the LVTC and ask – we can add the answers to this section.

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Why LVT cannot be passed on

The answer to this question is very simple if you imagine yourself in the situation of a landlord. As a landlord, I already charge as much as I can obtain for my property. I may decide to charge a bit below top rate so as to avoid it being empty, or I may stick out for the last penny which means I must accept that the property will be empty for 10% of the time. Either way, I am getting as much...

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Wouldn’t most people be against an ongoing tax on their property?

Very few people own both the land on which they conduct their businesses and the land on which their homes stands. Most pay rent or work for wages. So having to pay tax on land is no big issue for most people. What is an issue for nearly everyone is having to pay tax on the products of their labour – on honest work.

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