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Doncaster floods

Floods like this week’s at Doncaster are a regular occurrence. The mechanism is heavy rainfall on high ground, followed by excessively fast run-off. The effects can be greatly mitigated through measures which retain the water so that it is released more slowly. Most important of these to reduce the extent of uplands grazing, which result in loss of tree cover below the tree line and scrub...

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Farming support

With Brexit impending, perhaps, UK farming policy is back on the agenda. We need to be clear about the effects of support for farmers, in whatever form it takes. This requires an understanding of the great economist Ricardo, who formulated the Law of Rent.

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Chancellor clarifies benefits statement

Reports are coming in of a heated exchange at the Conservatory Party conference between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and representatives from The Landed Gentry Association. A spokesman told us, “Earlier in the week the Chancellor made a statement that he intended to put ‘a limit on benefits received’. Naturally we sought urgent clarification that this policy would not affect...

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