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Capitalism, Socialism and the Welfare state

The Welfare State and Socialism are what we get when society is too lazy or stupid to examine in an adequate way the economic system that gives rise to the problems it is saddled with: a widening gap between the have-nots, cycles of booms and busts, and a bloated finance sector feeding off the wealth creators.

The quest for a sustainable solution has gone astray as soon as the economic system is described as “Capitalism”. This is a weasel word which spreads confusion among both its detractors and its defenders.

“Free Market Capitalism” is an oxymoron which has to be deconstructed before any useful understanding can be reached. The oxymoronic nature of the term is the core reason why the Conservative Party is pulling itself apart: it represents two conflicting interest groups: the wealth creators and the recipients of economic rent.

Socialism is nothing but palliative medicine that slowly kills the patient.