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If you support our aims, please sign our petition on the Prime Minister’s website

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to replace taxes on earnings, goods and services by a charge on the unearned rental value of land.
This is to raise public revenue in accordance with natural justice, reduce inequality, encourage economic development and restore prosperity, whilst preventing ‘boom-bust’ cycles.

The present tax system is unjust and complicated. It is a burden on labour and business. It stifles jobs; cripples enterprise; encourages tax avoidance; distorts markets; keeps people poor; and makes them dependent on benefits. It does not raise sufficient revenue, and forces governments to borrow to pay for current expenses. The country needs a radical change in the way government is paid for. There is an ample source: land rents – site location values, which are created by the presence and actions of the community. Land rental value should be collected for society in place of taxes on work, goods and services. The reform would make houses affordable; stabilise the banking system; curb speculation; and be fair to all, taking less from those who make society work. The land value charge should be based on current rental values. The use of land value for public revenue in thriving cities like Hong Kong, Sydney and states such as Taiwan, shows how great the benefits can be.