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The Hero of G Zero

It was reported on Thursday that Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University, said in advance of the G20 annual Davos meeting “There is complete disagreement and disarray. There is no agreement on anything. We are in a world where there is no leadership.” In other words, G20 has become G Zero. In recognition of his honesty we make the following offering:

Nobody Knows

It is said nobody knows where we are
Or how far
We have to go
Before the effects of the snow
Are a thing of the past.
To who should we turn
If nobody knows what to do?

It seems nobody knows where we are
Or how far
We have come on the road to recovery.
Have we run out steam or ground to a halt?
We are all in the dark –
In a huge lorry park
Waiting for the signs
That make the tills ring
To announce the recession is over
And the price of a house goes up again.

Some say we need growth –
Enough of this sloth!
Let us not shirk
Get the unemployed into work.
Cut waste, reduce debt
Issue a threat
To the banks
Who gave us no thanks
When we bailed them out
With a load of Q Easing.

So, do we slam on the brakes
Or rev up a gear?
Do we carry on spending,
Save or stop lending?
Whatever we do
There is always the fear
That we’re stuck in a rut
With a long way to go
On the road to recovery.

What do we know?
Taxes are up
And wages are down
Prices are up
Interest rates at near zero
And still we can’t borrow
Today or tomorrow.

We are still in deep trouble
Because of the bubble
That grew and grew
Fuelled by you know who
Until it finally burst
Making things even worse
For everyone except those who got on the ladder
To homeownership heaven
While most are left struggling
Begging for benefits
And hoping for an economic miracle.

We have to cut waste
In the race
To reduce the debt
Before it gets worse
And there’s no more money in the public purse.
Jobs too must be shed
To get us out of the red.

Now the question is asked
Will we have a double dip
Or just a blip
Due to the weather?
Nobody snows.
Not even the man in charge at the Bank
On Threadbare Street.

Do we have inflation or mild irritation?
One thing’s for sure
It is always the poor
What will pay in the end
While landlords keep taking the rent.