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New link on our website menu

If you look carefully at our top menu bar you will see that we now have a new link on our website menu – Landskatt. The reason for this is that a lot of land value tax discussion and activity is on social media such as Facebook, where the Campaign has its own group, I support the Campaign for Land Value Taxation. The Facebook group has attracted a growing number of members from Sweden, partly due to the recent establishment of a political party, Enhet (Unity), which includes land value taxation and basic income amongst its core policies. It consequently seemed worthwhile to put a direct link to the Swedish land value taxation group’s website. Take a look at the site even if you do not understand Swedish as there is a comprehensive set of links to English language material, including videos by Fred Harrison.

Sweden is not the only country in Scandinavia where LVT has attracted renewed interest. In Denmark, a group of young people has breathed fresh life into the old Justice Party These developments need to be watched and supported because the electoral systems in those countries, and the size of the countries themselves, make it easier to insert new ideas into the public forum for debate.  Both countries already have a measure of LVT, in the case of Sweden through a system where land and buildings are valued separately. In Sweden there is a desire for both tax cuts, on account of the damage they do, and for preservation of the welfare state; if the Swedes want to have their cake and eat it at the same time, then LVT combined with some form of basic income are the only way forward.

If either of these countries achieves a significant shift in taxes, it will make it easier to convince politicians elsewhere. They may even draw their own conclusions on the matter. Realising that there is no substance to the objections to LVT. the way would then be open to including a shift from existing taxes to LVT in their party manifestos.