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Infrastructure projects must not be cut

Dodgy Dossier reports that the CBI have issued a warning that Britain’s future economic prospects will be severely damaged if the Government goes ahead with planned cuts of £30bn in road, rail and building projects. These feelings were echoed by the Chairman of the Landed Gentry Association who, at a hastily called Press Conference this morning, said,

“We totally agree with the CBI that the Government must spend taxpayers money on infrastructure improvements to at least the tune of £30bn over the next 5 years. Infrastructure projects are absolutely essential to the well being of my members who rely on new and upgraded road and rail services to increase the price of land and put up their rents.

“The Government needs to get real and ask itself how the members of our proud Association are going to be able to live off their fair share of unearned income unless the taxpayer stumps up.

“I shall be writing to the Minister concerned to point out that every penny spent by the State on capital projects eventually goes into the pockets of landowners, who depend on high levels of unearned income on which to live.

“Cuts of this magnitude might even force some of my members to become unemployed. This would certainly be bad for the economy!

“The British taxpayer can rest assured that The Landed Gentry Association will campaign vigorously for this vital expenditure to be maintained, if not improved. Our future is a stake!”