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A hymn for Tax Freedom Sunday

It has come to our notice that at many church services this Sunday, July 4th, a special hymn will be sung to celebrate Tax Freedom Day on July 8th. It is estimated that this year, the 187 days between January 1st and July 8th are needed for each and every one of us to pay both our tax and our contribution to the government’s budget deficit.

The Department of Work and Prayer has released a copy of the special hymn, and we are pleased to publish the words here in case you may wish to hum it through before attending church.

Hymns Customs & Excise – Revenue No. 427
Tune: Praise my soul the king of heaven

Tax the weak and tax the brave
Tax us to the very grave
Tax our house and home improvements
Tax all our in-her-it-ance

Tax us, tax us
Tax us, tax us,
Tax us morning, night and noon

Tax our bread and tax our butter
Keep us poor for evermore
Tax our drink and little pleasures
Tax them both in equal measure

Tax us, tax us
Tax us, tax us,
Tax us ’till the end of June

Tax our fuel and tax our transport
Tax us extra when we fly
Tax the rich and tax the poor
Tax us more and more and more

Tax us, tax us
Tax us, tax us,
Make us live in pov-er-ty

Tax us while we sleep at night
Tax what’s duly our’s by right
Tax our wage and unearned income
Don’t forget the widow’s mite

Tax us, tax us
Tax us, tax us,
Don’t forget the Vee Ay Tee

Tax us all for evermore
Tax us all and keep us poor
Tax us at the highest rate
Fill the coffers of the state

Tax us, tax us
Tax us, tax us,
Let us live in pov-er-ty