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Our Dodgy Dossier

Our Dodgy Dossier is of course for amusement only – but when politicians, professional economists and the majority of commentators obviously have little or no idea what they are talking about and make things up as they go along, we make no apologies for this frivolity.

If this sounds arrogant – how it is that leaders and economics experts from the greatest countries in Western Europe embarked on a project – the Euro – that all of us involved in this Campaign predicted would fail? Our only surprise is that failure came so quickly – we expected it to continue for at least a couple of decades before the inevitable collapse.

As for the banking crisis, the underlying problem is that the banking system has become an engine for sucking up the economic rent of land, through the issuing of loans secured on land titles. In reality, this is much the same as a sale-and-leaseback arrangement, using the banking system’s ability to create money. It is an abuse of credit, but the banks could not do it if, as we propose, the economic rent of land were collected and used for public revenue. That the banking system is apparently contributing so much to Britain’s economy merely shows how successful it is at rent collection, and incidentally, making the point for us, that land matters and that the rent of land is potentially a great source of public revenue. This is not something that any of the expert commentators has ever made. Are we wrong or just out of step?