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Petition – scrap “Help to buy”

We, the undersigned request the government stops creating schemes such as ‘firstbuy’ and ‘help to buy’ which are harmful to the UK economic.

Regressive tax policy on property ownership coupled with a commercial banking sector which has the ability to create as much credit (money) as it likes and channel it into whatever it sees fit, have led to a massive property (land) bubble in the UK.

Interfering with the economy by trying to assist the ‘greater fool’ to buy a house that he patently cannot afford himself, is sub-prime portgage lending, and this cannot be encouraged by any forward thinking government, or the taxpayers who fund it.

We request that the treasury stops meddling with the economy is these ways, and let the market correct itself. The longer you prolong the inevitable, the worse it will be when it finally comes.

Link to the petition