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Denmark’s Justice Party re-launched

The Justice Party has been re-launched in Denmark. The party’s policies are uncompromisingly Georgist. Britain’s electoral system means that such a party would get nowhere in Britain. The only value in fighting elections would be to get publicity. However, given the recent experience of elections where the candidates have declared their support for LVT, the publicity that can be gained in this way is, in practice, minimal. Our Scandinavian colleagues are worth supporting

because the successful implementation of LVT abroad makes it easier to point to places where LVT is working. Denmark has some LVT at a local level, whilst, Sweden, where a Georgist group has also just set itself up, has a national LVT buried in its income tax system, though at a low level. It is of interest, and encouraging, that the Swedish Georgists have arrived at their position independently and were not even aware that there had been a Georgist group in Sweden a century. Læs mere