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Round Two reveals bitter sweet Fanny Adams

The three prospective leaders have been hard at work all week perfecting the skill of ducking the question and giving us the same tired old routines. This was supposed to be a Foreign Affairs debate but turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Perhaps the most telling comment came from Nick ‘Confucius’ Clegg who reminded us that he wants us to have the government we deserve. Oh dear. Until last night’s showing perhaps none of us realised the situation was quite as bad as the thought of being led by any of them.

With apologies to one of our greatest politicians – never in the history of so-called serious political discussion has so much nonsense been uttered to so many by so futile a trio of party leaders.

Memorable moments were few. Brown wanted to use Trident against Iran. Cameron extolled the virtue of solar panels. Clegg wanted those working illegally to come out of the shadows and start paying tax. All three wanted Mrs Mop to clean up the mess of the expenses scandal.

If you thought the ship of state was cruising safely in calm seas to a land flowing with jobs and money it is time to grab a life jacket and head for the nearest lifeboat. But there is always a bright side to any disaster – if you find yourself sitting next to an MP you don’t think is pulling his weight you will be able to cut him adrift like Captain Bligh and get another one.

If a hung parliament results in a government of all the talents it will be a very third rate show.

But then, we really do get the government we deserve! Or should that be ‘can’t afford?’

Michael Hawes