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A taxing question

Tax avoidance has been in the news lately, with campaigns and demonstrations being run by organisations such as UK UNCUT. But what are the best places to avoid paying tax?

Monaco – No income or capital gains tax.
The Bahamas – No income tax or capital gains tax.
The Channel Islands – No capital gains tax and 20% income tax in Jersey and Guernsey.
Isle of Man – No capital gains or inheritance tax, income tax at 10-20% up to a maximum of £115,000.

But the truth is that everyone could avoid paying tax under a fair and just system where the state collected the annual rental value of land. Land value is created by the community. If this value were returned to the community there would be no need to penalise work, depress wages, discourage initiative and punish investment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read:

Tax Heaven

Great Britain – no income tax, no corporation tax, no capital gains tax, no tax on interest, no inheritance tax, no Stamp Duty, no insurance premium tax, no Council tax, no Uniform Business Rate, no VAT, no North Sea Oil and Gas tax. A 100% levy on the annual rental value of land provides sufficient revenue for all public services and infrastructure improvements.

Why do we accept taxation and not demand to live in a tax-free environment? You can’t hide land – not even in heaven!