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Forward thinking students

We were pleased to note the formation of a group called “Forward“, which describes itself as “a policy think tank created, developed and run by students from across the United Kingdom. It aims to facilitate policy discussions on current affairs within the areas of Development.” It is expressly supportive of land value taxation.

Forward is the first student led think-tank focused on the issues relating to development. It was born out of the needs and concerns of those who have a vision of the world. Our vision was to bring together people to voice their opinion in the name of progress and to provide a platform for those who want to create change. The aim of this think tank is to address those issues that create underdevelopment and to influence policies. Through frank and open discussions we aim to derive solutions.

Forward is driven by a motivated and enthusiastic group of students who believe in the power of student perspectives and its potential to solve today’s developmental issues. We do not have any political or ideological affiliations, as our aim is to create reliable policy recommendations.”