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Benefit cheats

Benefit cheats exploit the system and rob the community. What they do is dishonest, criminal and a punishable offence. Benefit cheats obtain public funds to which they are not entitled. Is this surprising? The system is wide open to abuse. What else can we expect?

In a recent case, a 51-year-old woman claimed over £30,000 for 9 years and was discovered to have bank accounts in three countries, a home valued at £240,000, shares worth £320,000 and a speedboat. Terrible. But the woman is a financial genius! She rivals our MPs in financial manipulation skills!

Who are the biggest scroungers of them all?

The question is, to whom does the description ‘benefit cheat’ really belong? How about “Anyone who helps themselves to a natural resource or appropriates a natural ‘benefit’ or a value created by the community?” They might not be doing it intentionally. They might not even be aware that they are doing it at all. But are they not cheating the community out of what belongs, by right, to the entire community? We are referring, of course, to land value. All of it. Land value is created by the presence and activities of the community. It should be returned to the community, for the benefit of the community.

Unless this plain and simple truth is recognised, then we must all suffer the effects of a tax system that depresses wages and stifles initiative. It also, by its nature,  keeps many people in poverty – only to be alleviated by state benefits paid for from taxation. Which is where we came came in.