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The dreaded T-word

Land Value Tax is not a tax, any more than paying to use a car parking space is a tax. It is a payment for a benefit received: the exclusive use of a plot of land and whatever benefits that go with that use. The principle is to use land rent as the main source of public revenue. Yet it has always been referred to as LVT. A point that comes up regularly from some of our supporters is this damages the case. A few suggestions have been made for alternative names, such as location benefit levy, land value charge, land rental charge, etc, but they do not put across the idea that this charge is to be used for public revenue.

Some of the translations of “What is LVT” on this site do not use the equivalent word for tax, but it seems as if we are stuck with it. Or are we? Should we change our own name? And is it such a turn-off anyway? Or how about going for broke and calling ourselves the CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH TAX – CAT? A nice reference there to our old friend the cat in the tree, and it would give the Taxpayers’ Alliance something to think about.

All suggestions will be appreciated.