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Objectives of The Land Value Taxation Campaign

The Land Value Taxation Campaign was a non-party organisation founded in 1986, to promote the adoption of land value taxation in the UK and to improve understanding of its economic benefits. The Campaign was active for twenty years and was chiefly concerned with informing and, if possible, influencing politicians, academics, journalists and other opinion-formers”. Hence its presence on the Web; although most of the active members of the Campaign have now retired or died, this site is retained as a resource for present day campaigners.

It maintained friendly relations with the Henry George Foundation in the UK, which has a broader remit of promoting LVT, and also with other LVT organisations and individuals throughout the world.

Land value taxation is a charge on the annual rental value of a site, regardless of its actual development and use. Assessments of rental value take into account restrictions arising from planning and other regulations. The Campaign proposes that a land tax should progressively replace present methods of raising public revenue.

A major part of the Campaign’s work was the production of Practical Politics which was primarily aimed at MPs but available to anyone on payment of a subscription. Practical Politics was a commentary on current events from an LVT point of view.  There is an almost complete archive on the website.