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Grin and bear it

There’s no money for this
And we can’t afford that
We have to work harder for longer for less.
Do not shirk
Get some work!
Don’t relax
Pay your tax!

Never mind it’s not fair
The bankers don’t care
And the landlords still jack up the rent.

What’s the problem?
State spending is out of control.
We must cut down and prune
Bring in a new broom
And sweep all the non-jobs away.
We’ve had it too good for too long
Relied on the state
To hand on a plate
What we need
From cradle to grave.

The axe must fall
To stop
The rot.
We can’t afford teachers
Or doctors or nurses.
Even policemen must go.
Ships and planes will be ditched The army dismissed
Civil servants kissed

Yes, cash is tight
The future’s not bright
Debt up to our ears
Will take all of ten years
To pay off.
So make haste
Don’t waste
Your resources or time
Just keep pretending that everything’s fine –
Keep paying your taxes and rent.