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Down to brass tax

Latin is of course out of fashion, but it can often help us understand the origin of things. The Latin dictionary defines the verb, taxo, taxare, as to estimate, rate, appraise the value of anything. In modern English, this is still the meaning in the courts of law, where a taxing master is one who taxes costs by examining them and allowing or disallowing the various component items claimed. A wider...

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Whither house prices?

I received a questionaire yesterday from a Brighton estate agent asking what I expected would happen to house prices in the next year. I do not have a crystal ball but

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Citizens Charter

The Citizen’s Stake in the Country A truly citizens’ charter would include our obligations and rights in respect of land. We think these clauses should be included: “Every citizen has equal right to the land surface of the United Kingdom, to the territorial waters about it and to the air space above it, and shall have an equal share in the natural resources thereof.” “This...

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