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Latest “Land & Liberty” goes to the roots

The latest (Spring 2014) edition of Land & Liberty has a collection of penetrating articles which go to the root of our current problems with the economy.

The Idea of Property by Joseph Milne, an enquiry into the nature of property, traces the notion to its origins in the early seventeenth century. It demonstrates how the flawed analsyis of John Locke underpins contemporary ideas on property rights which are nowadays taken for granted all the way across the political spectrum from far left to far right.

Money Talking by Richard Glover discusses the nature of money, and demonstrates that most of what we accept unquestioningly about it is based on a set of misapprehensions.

Heidegger on Place and Dwelling by Todd Mei, a philosophical reflection on the significance of place, describes how scientific reductionism has led to a loss of our appreciation of the meaning of place, so that it has been commodified and is bought and sold like anything else.

This edition of Land & Liberty is unfortunately not yet available on line, so this would be a good opportunity to apply for a subscription. It is a much improved publication, with thought-provoking articles which probe, in depth, the philosophical and ethical issues which lie below their surface manifestation in the world of economics. You can apply for your subscription here by filling in the contact for with your request and address for posting.